Thursday, October 25, 2007


I'd been meaning to get into digital painting. I figured a good way to start was by creating one simple thing at a time, same way I picked up Max.
I finally got around to finishing up our toy model for 3d Design, I'm gonna run it by the professor to see if I should change anything, then I'll be ready to rig and animate. Today I stumbled upon a Camera Match Utility in 3DSMax as well as a Camera Tracking Utility. Man, if only I'd known about that last year it would've saved me so much time. Depending on how quickly this project comes together I'll probably try to implement some real world compositing for the final product.


yezix said...

More! More! Me want more!

Nilah said...

You should get an annoying synthesized dog bark to loop in the animation. Then it'd be like a real robot dog!

Get Megan to show you her cards some time.