Monday, January 14, 2008

My winter break: now online

I'm long overdue for a blog entry, there's been lots of things I've wanted to share but until today there was nothing I had to share. So I've taken a break from homework to promote the 2009 Ford F150. Why? because I spent many hours over winter break creating a full-sized, horizon to horizon dirt environment for the launch site's exterior 360:

It bums me out to see how compressed the images are. The irony is I was trying so hard to keep the displaced dirt from being affected by low-resolution artifacts, that I had to save the layered source file out into multiple parts because photoshop can't save files bigger than 2 GB. Oh well, it's probably not that noticeable if you didn't spend a lot of time perfecting things with the art director. It was a fun project, I've gotta admit.

p.s. it looks better on a non-blown-out macbook monitor.