Thursday, November 1, 2007

3D Design - Catch Up

My partner and I presented our toy cat this morning for 3D Design. It turned out very well, I didn't do much outside of pitching the idea and modeling/animating the cat in 3d (my partner was really proactive). I'll see about getting my portion of the project online to share. Until then I thought I might share some of the earlier projects I completed for that class.

This is one of three designs I did for our line project. It's suppose to represent a word that describes ourselves. Can you guess this one? Disregard the phallic semblance (unfortunately my camera angle doesn't do much to diminish the initial impression)

The next project was our modular unit, just a compilation of simple shapes to create a visually appealing structure. I decided it'd be a good opportunity for me to toy around with Maya, primitive shapes and basic poly editing. I also learned to do basic uv unwrapping so I could determine a good was to layout the figure. You better believe it became quite meticulous when I started plotting the cut marks on the poster board I was using. Next time I'll scale them appropriately in photoshop and print up some stencils.

More recently we had a self-portrait due. It had to have something to do with our majors so I decided to simply paper mache a figure with some of the most influential movies, TV shows and comic strips that inspired me to become a Computer Animator.

The gesture itself was very important so I spent a lot of time on the general shape of the wire frame. I think it was my first time paper macheing since about second grade. To be honest I like the wire version better but the images had to be added to personalize it.

During the same 3 week time frame we also had to complete a life size gesture composed only of planes and edges. I'd thought about taking the Maya approach but fear of using the computer as an unnecessary crutch caused me to stray from the digital. It was still quite tedious and again, I think it would have been wise if I'd done it in Maya and printed up the scaled UVs. Oh well, I'm satisfied with the result.

It really doesn't seem like much work but man, were these projects time consuming. This class has definitely requested a majority of my attention this semester. Now we've got the infamous boat project to start thinking about...

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