Friday, February 24, 2012

Joy Ride

I decided to take my motorcycle out to the roads and highways that go through the outer edge of the Angeles National Forest.  There's lots of scenic stops along the way.  I thought I might share a couple quick snapshots.  Nothing serious; I've got no intention of entering the California mountain photography genre.

It's the roads themselves that are really cool.  
There's some beautiful scenery and racing around it really reminds you how big the world is. 

It could be nerve-wrecking at times .  I've become fairly comfortable on my bike now.  Heights, however, still freak me out.  It seems like a pretty rational fear when some of these curvy roads are on the edge of a gigantic drop.  You want to admire the view, but there's the immediate danger of taking a turn wrong on a constantly twisting road.  That said, I'm sure it's a great ride to be a passenger for, if you trust the driver.

It took roughly 30-45 minutes to get loop through the mountains.  In that time there were some cars in the opposite side of the road but never behind or in front of me.  I had it all to myself to go as fast or as slow as I wanted.

This is turning into a photo blog but it's not my intention.  I do have some other stuff in the works, but more on that another time.

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