Monday, September 22, 2008

Ball Bounce

So, I just recently finished my first major Computer Animation project and the first real thing I've done in Maya. This is cause for a celebration, but first, an update.

I must admit, I was struggling to find a decent color layout at first. My render would have looked pretty crappy if not for helpful criticism that led me in a better direction. That's what's nice about the labs, so much available input.

original render


and finally the action:

C&C welcome and appreciated.


Gordon Pinkerton said...

Hey! Nice to see the final thing all rendered out! I think the new colors look way better! Looks a lot less CG. A small comment on the animation, I think the tennis ball sticks to the ground too much in some places. Like right at the entrance, it looks like he should hit the ground and kind of do another little bounce just from all the momentum he has. Other wise it looks like he landed tar or something. I think the plank worked out nice! And I still love the ending!

michelle said...

Hi my name is Michelle, I learned anout you in Randy Rockafellow's class at Baker College. You are a true inspiration and I hope 2 learn more from u and what u had 2 go thru2 get where u r 2day. 2nite in class I seen ur bouncing ball clip, it was really cool and made me want 2 learn how 2 use desktop all the more. I hope I can get some feedback from u, I would love 2 hear how far u got in computer animation. Keep up the good work, ur work is very impressive even the work that you first started out with. I in return hope that i am just as creative.

R.Show said...

hey Michelle, I never got a chance to say thank you. It's really nice to hear that what I'm doing is inspiring to someone. Really, I can't tell you how encouraging it is for me. Good luck with your class. Tell Randy I said "hi," and if you're ever in need of any advice just let me know. You should start a blog and share some of your work, I'd love to see it.

As always Gordon, good advice. I appreciate it. I'm glad you like it.

The Machine said...

sweet stuff Rob! I love the ball bounce. Gordan's right, the colors are a ton better. Your primitive theater looks great too and both are really funny! keep it up dude!