Saturday, March 29, 2008

"animal" jump

We got animals to animate at random. I got a beetle.

This was my first time creating a character,

and my first character animation

I definitely challenged myself a lot more on this one- it didn't come out exactly as planned but I did learn a lot.


yezix said...

Post your animation!

R.Show said...

Click the 2nd picture!

Gordon Pinkerton said...

Hey that looks really good! I like his name, really fits him. The animation is very nice! I really like the way he pushes himself off the ground and supports himself on the wall. The flying is very believable too! I think the only thing that could be fixed a little is making the beginning a tad slower; it took me until my third time watching it to realize that he hit the wall. I think its just bc he enters from the top and by the time my eyes would see him and recognize it, he was already lying on the ledge. Just a thought tho! It's really great! Your drawing skills have definitely improved! post more!

Gabby Zapata said...

Cool character! I am adding you in my blogspot!.. I want to see more of your animations :)..You should post the painting you did in color class. That last one you did was amazing :D!

R.Show said...

Thanks Gabby, it's so nice to hear that from you. I always really admired the work you did in color.